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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As expected, the Foreign Secretary has confirmed that Lockdown restrictions in the UK will continue for "at least" another three weeks. FGP are taking the view that that it is likely that restrictions will remain in place, at one level or another, at least until the end of May and quite probably beyond.

Most FGP staff are home based and have quickly established a working routine, which includes a daily video staff conference call. A number of site based key workers are operating from remote locations where as part of construction operations relating to the utility sector.

Although operations are far from “business as usual”, the FGP team are confident that they can continue to meet client expectations as remote working systems become increasingly familiar.

We are constantly reviewing Government advice on the COVID19 crisis. To date FGP have not identified any need to access the job retention schemes or invoke furlough options. A key consideration is ensuring that the personal circumstances of any staff member are considered at an individual level, including the pressure of childcare responsibilities.

Clients and all interested parties can be assured that they can continue working with FGP via email or telephone; conference calls by telephone or video can be arranged as necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.