Gas Storage & Extraction

North Sea gas now accounts for less than 50% of UK gas demand. While all predictions suggest that domestic supply will fall, gas import infrastructure has grown rapidly. Gas storage withdrawal meets about 10% of UK needs which is less than other nations who have no domestic supply.  As UK reliance on imported gas increases, the strategic requirement for buffer capacity from storage will most likely increase.

To avoid over reliance on imported gas the Government is supporting the principle of diversifying the supply through the “unconventional gas” industry. A greater understanding of the potential for natural gas from shale and coal beds is developing as exploration is ongoing.

Both gas storage and extraction involve connection into the national transmission system involving pipelines. We can offer support for both types of project as a bespoke package including the following services:

  • Location and assessment of possible sites 
  • Land referencing for all occupiers and owners as well as access and transport
  • Utility and Highways searches
  • Organisation of  access for Environmental and Technical Surveys
  • Option and Licence agreements
  • Completion of pre-entry records of condition and pre construction investigatory works
  • Provision of Agricultural Liaison Officers
  • Advice and design of post construction drainage
  • Assessment and settlement of compensation claims
  • Advice on The Pipelines Act 1962, The Petroleum Act 1998, The Planning and Compensation Act 1991, Land Compensation Act 1961,  Gas Act 1986, Planning Act 2008 and the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965
  • Obtaining voluntary agreements or managing compulsory purchase procedures
  • Production of plans for option agreements. Mapping overlays can be provided for utility and highway information and to assist with audit trail
  • Financial services including regulated accounts for the distribution of payments to landowners
  • Linesearchbeforeudig to identify cables close to intrusive digs
Gas Storage
Gas Storage
Gas Storage
Gas Storage