Road & Rail Schemes

The government has an ongoing challenge to beat congestion and improve the efficiency of the road and rail network.

The UK is a relatively small island so measures to improve its roads or add to its rail lines need to be as efficient as possible, to avoid disruption to its communities.

In December 2013, the government announced measures were being put in place to provide funding for congestion busting local roads such as the M6 Heysham Link Road, improving the M55 and M62 alongside the electrification of a number of railway lines, not to mention the development of HS2.

We assist in the progress of transport network projects as follows:

  • Arranging environmental and technical surveys and investigatory works by Licence or Statutory Notice
  • Land referencing to locate owners, occupiers and third party rights. To include referencing for road and utility diversions. Maintaining records of all discussions as an audit trail
  • Pre Entry Records of Condition.
  • Settlement of compensation claims
  • Arranging the Service of Notices
  • Producing plans for legal or technical use                 
  • Advising on the protection of farmland drainage
  • Negotiating Accommodation Works and mitigating losses
  • Managing and assisting with development consent orders and compulsory purchase process
  • Provide agricultural liason officers
  • Financial services including regulated accounts for the distribution of payments to landowners
  • Linesearchbeforeudig to identify cables close to intrusive digs
Road and Rail
Road and Rail
Road and Rail
Road and Rail