Pipelines Water Oil & Gas

Working within the oil, gas and water industries FGP operates a team of dedicated specialists in pipelines with experience across the UK dating back 50 years. The services offered cover new pipelines and the management of existing ones. From initial referencing and assistance with feasibility studies to the negotiation of voluntary agreements and ongoing management, FGP have the full skill set.

Services are packaged to suit the clients and include:

  • Feasibility study to include routing and initial assessment of  landowner impact
  • Land referencing to locate owners, occupiers and third party rights. This includes referencing for road and utility crossings. Maintaining records of all discussions as an audit trail.
  • Organisation of access for surveys by notice or with Licence documents where necessary
  • Production of plans. Mapping overlays can be provided for utility and highway information and to assist with audit trail
  • Advice on all legislation, such as The Gas Act 1995 and 2012, the Water Industry Act 1991 and The Pipelines Act 1962
  • Liaison with all occupiers 
  • Utility searches
  • Records of condition prior to the works
  • Negotiation and settlement of claims for compensation
  • Maximising voluntary agreements and assisting with compulsory procedures if required
  • Advice and design of pre-construction and post construction drainage work
  • Provision of an Agricultural Liaison Officer
  • Completion of Pre Entry Records of Condition Assessment
  • Settlement of compensation claims
  • Advising on relevant legislation including Gas Act 1986, Pipelines Act 1962 and Water Industry Act 1991
  • Monitoring development proposals that may compromise the pipeline through proximity
  • Financial services including regulated accounts for the distribution of payments to landowners
  • Linesearchbeforeudig to identify cables close to intrusive digs